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Learn Web3 Basics To Futureproof Your Career

Web3 Masterclass is a self-paced online course dedicated to students, startups, professionals and other Web3 curious to learn the basics and stay ahead of the curve.

Built by leading experts who are literally designing the new and exciting era of the Internet. Opening up all sorts of ideas,  employment and business opportunities.

Here's what's inside:

✅ What is Web3 and why it matters

✅ Emerging technologies like blockchain, Metaverse, digital currencies, smart contracts, dApps, DAOs, NFTs, and more.

✅ The current and potential use cases of Web3

✅ How Web3 is already transforming the world

✅ What it means for you and your businesses

✅ Opportunities for talents, startups and corporations

✅ How Web3 can solve our planets biggest problems

✅ Most common pitfalls and risks

✅ Academic credits for students in Finland

The Masterclass is open - join and study at your own pace.