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Exponential OS Innovation Sprint: Stay Ahead in a Disruptive Business Landscape

Maintaining a leadership position in today’s business environment requires completely new playbooks. Are you equipped to navigate the tides and turn disruption into exponential growth?

With our 10-week Innovation Sprint Template, you can identify and seize new market opportunities, automate processes, and deliver personalized experiences to stakeholders, leading to exponential growth and industry disruption. 

With our on-demand program, even the busiest executives will gain a precise roadmap for action. By the end, you will lead your team and organization with unwavering confidence and have:

  1. A clear picture of your current status: Kickstart your journey with a baseline test, pinpointing your organization's current level of exponential organization. Giving you a clear sense of where you have room to improve.

  2. 10-week sprint template: Get a proven template for a 10-week innovation sprint towards exponential growth. Used by companies like P&G, Boston Scientific, and HP. 
    ExO Sprint drives rapid growth and impact by leveraging exponential technologies, embracing innovation, and transforming your organization to stay ahead in a disruptive business landscape.  

    There are two innovation streams that run in tandem:

    a. Core stream: This stream focuses on innovation and adapting to external industry disruption without changing the existing business model, so as to avoid triggering an immune system reaction.

    b. Edge stream: This stream focuses on disruption and creating the next generation of organizations outside of the existing organization, which will eventually lead the industry

    The ideal time span for the Sprint is 10 weeks to allow for the cementing of new habits among participants but can be shorter. 





The Exponential OS derives its foundation from the renowned book, "Exponential Organizations 2.0: The New Playbook for 10x Growth & Impact." Crafted by Silicon Valley icons Salim Ismail, Peter H. Diamandis, and Michael S. Malone. This work serves as our guiding light. Sointu Karjalainen, a certified ExO Print Coach, has been at the forefront of introducing these innovative practices to companies across Finland and the Nordic region, ensuring they stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape. She has sprinkled her own proven models around innovation and emerging tech into the mix, making the program actionable and easy to implement in any organization. 

Typically, when run individually by Sointu, this program costs 10x more. Now, you have the opportunity to access the same blueprints at a fraction of the price and implement them in your own organization.



Sointu Karjalainen boasts nearly two decades as a luminary in innovation and emerging tech. From helming startup accelerators and orchestrating NASA to Metaverse hackathons, she's been the guiding force for the public sector, enterprices, NGO's and brands in embracing cutting-edge techniques. Having collaborated with global investors and leaders to demystify the frontier of technology, Sointu is not just a mentor but also an entrepreneur, building her own venture grounded in the exponential mindset.